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Laser Plumbing Palmerston answers some of your frequently asked questions below.

1. Do I need a certified plumber to change my tap washers?

Yes you do. Certified plumbers are the only ones allowed to handle potable water. Also for the house owners insurance purposes.

2. Do I need to regularly clean my drains?

No you do not, although blockages may take place which require attendance by a plumber.

3. I've noticed a water leak, what should I do until I arrange a plumber?

You need to isolate the water supply such as turn off the water main. Then contact your local Palmerston or Darwin Plumber such as Laser Plumbing Palmerston.

4. How do I stop my toilet from constantly running?

There are many things that cause this; therefore you need to consult an expert plumber to identify the reason.

5. My shower is draining slowly, how do I unblock it?

Plunging the drain can assist, but if problems continue you need to contact a plumber.

6. My Hot Water is no longer hot and is quite cool. What does this mean?

It could be many reasons; one of them could possibly be nothing to do with the actual Hot Water Service. You need to contact a plumber for assistance.

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